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Let’s do this.

I’m already going in excited. That’s gotta be a good thing. I’m hoping “fun at it’s purest” means there is no grim and gritty gratuity.

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Captain Marvel by Francesco Francavilla

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday :)


The Captain. Basically the last righteous hero.

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Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work!!

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A Powers Study of Wally Wood’s “22 Panels That Always Work” by Michael Avon Oeming

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Shortpacked!: Genderless

Ooooh this got me!

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The Adventurers doing an impersonation of gargoyles…or Batman?

Turtle Power!

My first photo set on Tumbler! The first picture is a pin up I did for my brother after I couldn’t get him original turtles art by Ross Campbell. I’m sure my brother loves it just as much though XD. It is before I discovered the Nick Turtles which for me are now the definitive Turtles. It captures all the best bits of the previous versions. My wife cracks up at Mikey’s antics so any show that lets me share with her is a win. The other pics were all done this year for the Ozcomics weekly draw off.


The Incredibles (2004) character design

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