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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Introducing The Leprechaun! A new rogue for The Adventurer’s to face.

The departure… the beginning of the adventure for Ellie. This page was originally going to be two pages but I think the little panels work like a collage of Ellie’s memories of her friends saying goodbye. A chance happen stance that worked out nicely. Oh and of course she needs the stick and the cloth bundle that every first time Adventurer has. Just like the books she read :).

That’s the last update of #TheAdventurer’s for the year. More if I get some approval from my artistic director aka my sister Cara. It includes the first comic pages I had ever blogged  reblogged in sequence. Yes, they are meant to be wordless pages. Thanks to all those who take the time to read!

DC comics Batgirl teams up with the The Adventurer’s for this fan art pic.

Adventurer buttons. Collect ‘em all! They also feature a very early picture of Doc Mannix in a more cartoonish style than he will appear in the comic. (Original art work circa 2004). *

*Actually it is more likely to be 2002… 2003 at latest. See this entry for an explanation:

Dream team up! Shazam’s! Captain Marvel. He is one hero who still has  ’heroic’ qualities. His world is different from the other heroes…talking tigers and fights with crocodiles in business suits. Why couldn’t he work with a mute robot, talking dragon and a wisecracking Rocbadger?