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Introducing Bolt Comics. This is the logo that will appear on The Adventurers covers starting with Issue 1. 

I feel gratified that a student in class the other week made the same mistake as Cindy, thinking I said ‘grandma’ instead of ‘grammar’. I guess it means Ellie and Cindy’s conversation isn’t too far fetched.

Page 4! Even little Dragons suffer from ADD.

Page three! (Some grammar and spelling mistakes will be corrected. :) ).

Page 2 of issue 1. It had to be redrawn because the the little dragons were not cute enough in the original version.

Here is page 1 from the first issue of The Adventurers. Every two weeks I will put up the next page. I will put up pages 1 to 16. Once they are up I will re blog them in order. You can see I went a little overboard with the plant details on the first page. “Lets start with a splash.” -Cara.

Adventurer buttons. Collect ‘em all! They also feature a very early picture of Doc Mannix in a more cartoonish style than he will appear in the comic. (Original art work circa 2004). *

*Actually it is more likely to be 2002… 2003 at latest. See this entry for an explanation:

Dream team up! Shazam’s! Captain Marvel. He is one hero who still has  ’heroic’ qualities. His world is different from the other heroes…talking tigers and fights with crocodiles in business suits. Why couldn’t he work with a mute robot, talking dragon and a wisecracking Rocbadger? 

Finally! Some art from the actual comic makes it onto the blog. These pages will have no dialogue. Ellie has set off on her journey. Unbeknownst to her Rocbadger begins to follow. My favourite is page 17. In hindsight I went a little overboard with the sequential aspect as even the clouds are drifting by. His first appearance is actually the second panel, not the last, though most people miss that.